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Beranui is situated in 1034 m. high mountains, with a Mediterranean climate . We are in a privileged position in terms of bio-diversity, cultural and historical heritage, sports, leisure activities and also a first-rate cuisine.

Visit the National Park Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici, Lake Gento, adventure sports, skiing or visit the Romanesque purest, are examples of what you can find close to us.


Hikers welcome

We are accredited accommodation hikers Welcome.
That means:

  • We favor hiking
  • We have the necessary infrastructure so you can take care of your technical equipment
  • In Casa Macianet we give you practical information in the area, the most interesting routes, suggestions and the best way to perform them
  • The meals we offer cover basic needs and we are flexible in time
  • Our standards are European and are reviewed separately.

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Vall Fosca

The Dark Valley, north of the Pallars Jussà is a suggestive scene in which coexist harmoniously small rivers, mountains, varied vegetation and different animal species.

There are interesting things to see and experience:

Cable Vall Fosca
Hydroelectric Museum of Capdella
Aigüestortes National Park and Lake Sant Maurici
Culture and traditions
Viewpoints Network

You will find a lot of information

Carrilet Vall Fosca

Catalan cuisine

We are associated to the project “Catalan cuisine” Which is a project founded to protect and defend our culture heritage. Our lifestyle is to grow the consumptions of ecological products from our gardens and farms in the proximity.

More information about this project a

Fem Parc. Proposals to ecotourism

In Casa Macianet we inform you about Fem parc.
A strategic territorial project focused on development and sustainability in the natural parks of Catalonia.

We have prepared several proposals for ecotourism for our guests. They can be downloaded from

Femparc, fitxes rutes

El Cinquè Llac

We are the founders of The Fifth Lake Hiking Trail.
In our valley we can walk from the Collada del Coll d’Andol to the Monastery of San Genís de Bellera. During the tour we pass through the towns Gramenet, Beranui (late second stage), La Plana de Mont-ros,Castell Estaó, Antist and Estavill. During the hike through the valley, you will experience amazing panoramas.

The Fifth Lake web

El Cinquè Llac. Llac de Montcortés

Casa Macianet offers the three most precious goods today, such as silence, nature and space.

Telefèric Estany Gento
Parc Nacional D'Aigüestortes I Estany De Sant Maurici
Dolmen El Cinquè Llac
Parc Natural De L'Alt Pirineu